I published an essay titled “Radiohead’s Antivideos: Works of Art in the Age of Electronic Reproduction” in vol. 12, issue 3 (May 2002) of the journal Postmodern Culture. The current issue of the journal in HTML and a text-only archive are available free online. HTML versions of all back issues are available to subscribers of Project MUSE. A PDF file of the essay is available here.

Samuel J.P. Shaw has also contributed an essay on Radiohead and Murakami to the site.

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I’m trying to get access to your essay, but the link to the pdf sends me back to the homepage. My uni library has no subscription to muse.

Hello Joe, I have just written an undergraduate dissertation entitled ‘Canonical Valuing in the Reception of Radiohead’. It is almost done but is most painful experience. Your book though has been a central source though.

Question, to make my bibliography more substantial, can you give me the original essay location details.

Also I wonder if you’d have a browse somepoint?

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