Message 350: The Butcher

Beauty will destroy your mind.
Spare the gory details,
Give them gift-wrapped for the man with everything.
Though I lived a lonely lie,
I was confused.
I butcher. Feel nothing.
As it courses up my arms,
The position of the worms
Up, up through my heart into my brain.
I’m a bitch slap, a basic combination,
Cut up, chop liver on the block.
My heart still thumping.
He’s a worrier, a worrier.
Here’s a little bitch coming out of him.
He’s a worrier, a worrier.
Here’s a little bitch coming out of him,
coming out of him.

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Message 349: The Daily Mail

The loonies are up on the mountain.
The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
Waiting on the rapture.

Singing, “We’ll keep your prices down,
Feed you to the hounds,
to the Daily Mail.”


You made a pig’s ear.
You made a mistake.

Paid off security and got through the gate.
You got away with it. Who will lie in wait?

Where’s the truth?
What’s the use,
In hanging around.


Fat chance.


Cut the queue.


Go back again.


The fish in the sea.
You’ve lost command.

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Message 348: National Anthem(s)

Performance in 2000 (.mov file link, note autoplay):

Performance in 2011 (note autoplay):—radiohead—-the-national-anthem-

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Message 347: Little By Little

The OED confirms that the phrase construction “x by x” first appears in English in Langland’s Piers Plowman (the year: 1393). The phrase “little by little” itself first appears in English in 1483. In this: Catholicon Anglicum: an English-Latin wordbook.

Little by little, the phrase “little by little” seemed to have entered the English vernacular c. 1865.



Message 346: Good Morning Mr. Magpie, 2006


Message 345: Watch Me Dance, I’m A Puppet

From In Rainbows. The song “Up On The Ladder.” One line: “Watch me dance / I’m a puppet / You can almost / See the strings” (line divisions are best guess).

In the video for “Lotus Flower,” we cannot see strings:

What we do see is “peculiar but totally liberated dancing,” to quote Ben Sisario (“Thom Yorke’s New Band, From Many Angles,” October 5, 2009 in the New York Times.

Similar to a later description at another Atoms for Peace concert: “Twitching, strutting, pivoting, hopping, jittering and gesticulating, he let the music propel him in ways that were anything but cerebral” (“A Thinker Finds His Funk“, Jon Pareles, April 6, 2010 in the New York Times.

Consider this dance the antidote to the claustrophobic near-drowning of “No Surprises.”

Yorke’s head is submerged by water, his body is submerged by camera–dry but out of sight (correction here suggested by caitlin, comment below). No dancing. Not even with puppet strings.

The song “No Surprises” is about a form of contentment with failed failover safety. Contentment becomes quiet contempt that becomes a carbon monoxide handshake—suicide as formality. For the video, Yorke underwent entrapment. The making of “No Surprises,” as seen in Meeting People Is Easy, shows the entrapment’s extent. The real claustrophobia, the real risk:

Yorke’s energetic frustration at his inability to hold his breath is the negative image of his frenetic dance for “Lotus Flower.” Dance without a helmet. Doing whatever you want while the cat is away.


Message 344: Heads, a Moon, Sticks

Listening to Kid A we were told we had our heads, or were holding heads, on sticks: “you’ve got heads on sticks.”

Listening to The King Of Limbs, the voice in “Lotus Flower” wants “the moon upon a stick.”

Heads on sticks. A moon upon a stick.


Message 343: Mouths

Kid A begins with a mouth closed around a lemon: “Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon.” A past-tense description.

The King Of Limbs begins with a mouth open wide: “Open your mouth wide.” An imperative.


Message 342: Listing of Tracks

01 Bloom 5:15
02 MorningMrMagpie 4:41
03 LittleByLittle 4:27
04 Feral 3:13
05 LotusFlower 5:00
06 Codex 4:47
07 GiveUpTheGhost 4:50
08 Separator 5:20


Message 341: Early

Release date: Tomorrow? No. Today.