Message 119: Completely Unrecognisable

In an interview with Dutch magazine OOR, Thom Yorke claimed in reference to the sound of Hail to the Thief:

“This is ‘OK Computer 2’. What we will do from now on, should not be anything like we’ve done before. We will not go further back, like everyone expects. There won’t be a second ‘The Bends’. There is not a single good reason for it. As a band, we have fully discussed this matter recently. Radiohead will be completely unrecognisable in two years. At least, I hope so. It’s the only perspective of the future that I can live with.”

Thom Yorke also said:

“We’re a pop band again for now, because it was necessary,” he said. “Just doing what we’re good at. But, no matter how good I feel about the new album and how much fun we’re having in what we do right now, we’ve been there already. We’re not moving.”

This information comes via NME.

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