Message 122: Petition

Jonathan Percy at Green Plastic Radiohead and Adriaan Pels at At Ease were sent the following email:

We are writing to you on behalf of Warner Bros. Publications and Warner/Chappell Music.  We are the worldwide copyright administrators for Radiohead.  Rather than sending you an overblown “legal” letter filled with threatening language, we would simply like to ask you to remove the LYRICS & TABS archive from your website; as their distribution constitutes an infringement of our rights under U.S. Copyright Law.  More than that, the availability of these files have a direct impact on our ability to market and sell our musical arrangements and songbooks, and that adversely affects the royalties that we are able to generate and pay to the band.
May we count on your cooperation?
The foregoing is without prejudice to any right, remedy, action, claim or defense otherwise available to us under the circumstances, all of which are expressly reserved.
& Warner Bros. Publications U.S. Inc.

Pulk-Pull* asks readers to sign the petition opposing Warner/Chappell Music’s request.

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So, what finally happened? Who wants to pay for a songbook when they just want to check lyrics? (which they inevitably own a copy of from buying the recordings and listening to them)

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