Message 126: Flan in the Face

Partial lyrics from “A Wolf at the Door,” the last song on Hail to the Thief read:

get the flan in the face
the flan in the face
the flan in the face
dance you fucker dance you fucker
don’t you dare
don’t you dare
don’t you flan in the face

In an interview Q Magazine, (transcript available at At Ease), Thom Yorke mentions that “a friend of his threw a flan in cabinet minister Clare Short’s face.” The interviewer adds that “Clare Short was hit by a custard pie at Bangor University in March 2001.” The Guardian has biographical and contact information for Clare Short, as well as a brief profile. A photo of the flan in the face incident is available here. A description of the incident is given in this digest (you will need to scroll down to the entry titled “British Minister Gets Her Just Desserts”:

Just Desserts, or Dim ond Cwstard in Welsh, pied her when she visited Bangor in north-west Wales this evening. She was delivering a lecture on globalization at the University of Wales, when three local patisseristas presented her with custard pies in Short-crust pastry, made with fair-trade bananas and local organic ingredients. Ms. Short is believed to be the first government minister on earth to have received a special Cabinet Pudding.

The Just Desserts group is associated with the Biotic Baking Brigade.

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