Message 130: Go To Sleep

There is now a computer-animated video for “Go To Sleep (Little Man being Erased.),” the Radiohead’s next single from Hail to the Thief. This information was found via Climbing Up the Walls, a Radiohead news site.

In the video Thom Yorke sings on a park bench while business people rush hurriedly by, unaware of buildings exploding and then rebuilding themselves from their own rubble. Notably, when the buildings rebuild, their architectural style is radically different. Compare the two images below.

Sleep 1

Sleep 2

The first a neoclassical building exploding. The second image is of a building reconstructing itself into a more modernist structure.

4 replies on “Message 130: Go To Sleep”

It seems like no one on the internet is commenting on the fact that is video is about the current state of affairs. It captures our complacency about our nation’s decline. Or worse, our complete ignorance of it.

Pamela…awesome. Edgar, its a shame more people don’t know. Then again a lot of people do. Complacency is the main factor, but is it any secrete that people don’t like dealing with things unless those things are a direct threat to their vanity?

This reminds me so much of the german band ‘einsturzende neubauten’ (translation: collapsing new buildings) when blixa bargeld said ‘you must destroy to build.

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