Message 147: Episodes

Below are direct links to the episodes. These are large files (approx. 100 megabytes each) that may be downloaded and saved to your computer as well:

The above links were found via Another link found via the video for Knives Out.

UPDATE, 1/30/05: the above links are dead.

6 replies on “Message 147: Episodes”

sorry, but a sell-fish question……….
why cant the “download link to disc”
work with these links??????????

These episodes are sweet!!!! Episode one’s 2+2=5 video blip, movie, thing is cool—-RATS ARE THE BEST!!! lol thanks for putting these episodes on here, its better than waiting 30 minutes for the next episode to come on watching When will the fourth episode come out???

Hey, how can I get a hold of that sweet music radiohead tv plays when one is waiting for the episode to begin? It sounds like some kinda modern ragtime jazz or whatnot. Who’s it by? What’s the title? Little help?

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