Message 151: is changing. From the site page: “Greetings interested traveller; we welcome you to the front page of our humble website. We must apologise, for it is being rebuilt in a new idiom, inspired by the visions of Mssrs Donwood & Tchock. Much swearing and untangling of code is occuring in the potting shed. Rest assured; we are not trying to build anything confusing or hopelessly obscure; oh no… we would never dream of such a thing. It may, however, change and mutate uncontrollably when finished. This is good, this is what we wish too happen and it should. We are sort of busy, making new pictures and words and terrible fearsome code. As you can see from the photograph above we have decided to go back to basics and sit around this pump organ for a good old traditional middle of the road singsong like they used to do in the Olden Days before it all went wrong, when rock’n’roll was young etc., etc…”

Some design notes: test specimens are back but with a different look (wider more detailed eyes). Minotaurs have also returned but are also very different looking from previous incarnations. Also, airplanes and sun appear in several panels.

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