The bottom “Threat Level” frame of’s Scrapbook section now includes the following series of acronyms:


These are largely US Department of Defense acronyms for military weapons and/or programs:

MIRV: Multiple Independently-Targeted Reentry Vehicle
GLCM: Ground-Launched Cruise Missile
ALCM: Air Launched Cruise Missile
SLBM: Submarine/Sea-Launched Ballistic Missile
ICBM: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative

While these acronyms can stand for other things (ICBM can also mean “International Charismatic Bible Ministries” and “Irredundant Consecutive Branch Method”), the military-industrial context is the most likely choice.

One reply on “Message 171: MIRV/GLCM/ALCM/SLBM/ICBM/SDI”

It’s been changed again. The threat level indicator now reads “no threat”. The splash has been changed a bit as well

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