Message 185: Oil Tanker

For the lecture on “Radiohead’s America,” I’m doing research on the following image that appeared on in Dec, 2004:

If any readers know the source of the image’s top clipping, I’d appreciate hearing what it is. In the course of research, I found an interesting exchange from a April 2001 White House Press Briefing. This helps explain, in part, why Condoleezza Rice’s image appears under the sub-heading “oil industry”:

Q Can I ask about Condoleezza Rice? Before she became National Security Advisor, she was on the Board of Directors of Chevron Corporation. And Chevron, before she left, named an oil tanker after her. There’s an oil tanker named the Condoleezza Rice. And I’m wondering if — it’s 136-ton oil tanker that carries oil around the world. And given that Chevron has been accused of human rights abuses with the Nigerian Mobile Police against civilians in Nigeria, I’m wondering whether the President thinks it’s wise to have this close a relationship with Chevron.

MR. MCCLELLAN: I think that issue has already been addressed by Dr. Rice, and she will uphold the highest ethical standards in office and that issue —

Q Should the President call the President of Chevron and say, take the name off the tanker?

MR. MCCLELLAN: That issue has been addressed. I think the issue has been addressed.

As many may know, Rice worked as a Chevron director for ten years. Human Rights Watch wrote a letter in 2003 to Chevron Nigeria.

In May 2001, the SF Gate reported the ship was renamed.

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