Message 196: I Want None of This


You can keep what you want
I want none of this
They’re just bad memories
I don’t want

Am I sunshine
You can pack it all up
And be gone
And be gone

If it matters to you
You can sell it all out
If the price feels right
I won’t judge

If you get off your knees
You’ll be out on a breeze
Take a lesson from me
Don’t get stuck on a dream

Lyrics via atease.

One reply on “Message 196: I Want None of This”

This track is of classic status. Poetic. Thom does it again. Minimalist, fits right in with Philip Glass “Metamorphasis,” Erik Satie, and the like. Haunting. Came just at the right time. Had this song come out a few months ago it would be on “The Constant Gardener” Soundtrack, bringing a tear to viewers eyes in the final minutes. Buying the album would be a pleasure and I hope to do my part after University. An inspiration.

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