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Message 228: The Lukewarm

Few will buy, even fewer will wear a tshirt promoting their status at the outer rim of Dante’s hell, but perhaps it could be a statement of resistance against entering into and remaining in such a state. One imagines Tony Blair in such traveling attire. Fetching, indeed, he would look in an aeroplane over the sea in such a shirt. Or yet again, MMrr. BBuusshh, the 43rd. Do I stutter? No, no. The tshirt is high priced at 19.99, but cafepress’s pricing structure is unkind (discriminatory?) to darker colored shirts. Mr. Bush, we know, does not like black people and is likely one not to prefer black shirts.

Note: the Washington Post transcript reads: “West: George Bush doesn’t care about black people!” When I saw this, it was said not with an exclamation point, as if in angry surprise, but in calmer tone, a more serious tone. Why? Because he was right.

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