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Message 249: Erased

According to At Ease, On August 1, Thom Yorke posted a link to this article entitled ‘Daddy why did Israel do this to us?’. Later, Yorke posted the following:

(my personal opinion)
ive had enough of this
our government sitting on the fence with the US while world war 3 appears
to be breaking out in Lebanon and Northern Israel.
we must throw Tony Blair our of office NOW.
he does not represent the views of the british people.
he does not represent the views of his foreign office and officials.
he does not even represent the views of those in his cabinet.
he cares far too much about his relationship with Bush, and Murdoch.
this man is not fit to be our prime minister.
its a nice sunny day. come on lets do it. you know it makes sense.
a vote of no confidence. or something. anything..

Later, as reported my NME, “Radiohead star removes Blair comments,” the posted article and the post regarding Blair was removed. NME wrote that the removal prompted fans “to speculate widely on why the post was removed. Some fans think he could have been pressured into it, while others believe he did it himself having re-read his comments.”

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