Message 261: Dead Children Playing, a Book of Pictures

‘Dead Children Playing’; a Book of Pictures: “Unlike many commercial artists working in the field of record packaging, the elusive duo responsible for Radiohead’s artwork tend to start with huge canvases and big buckets of paint. For the last half-decade or so these paintings have featured in whole or in part on the shelves of record shops throughout the world. Containing almost all the paintings produced by the consistently paranoid Stanley Donwood and the persistently enigmatic Dr. Tchock between about 1999 and about 2005, this Picture Book also holds between its covers page after page of sketchbook pages, as well as a plethora of images found on now-defunct digital recording media; a cornucopia of never-before-seen artwork.”

Picture of Book of Pictures

There is also a signed version.

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I am a hugh Radiohead fan and also a fan of the atwork on the albums. I have not seen the book yet, but look forward to it. What are the orgins of Radiohead videos? Did Mr. Donwood have any influence?

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