Message 298: Chickenbomb

Quoted in full from Vernie Yeung’s video short appearing on The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time:

01 A Whole Chicken
For better result, get discounted chicken from any local supermarkets.
02 An Air Tight Glass Jar.
Make sure the glass jar is 100% airtight, and is big enough to to fit the chicken.
03 A Water Tank.
The Water tank must be bigger than the glass jar.
04 Plenty of Milk.
Get Discounted Milk. Make sure you have enough milk to fill up the tank.
05 A Gas Mask.
This is optional. Not necessary during the process.

01 Place the chicken into the air-tight jar, leaving the lid off.
02 Fill up the water tank with milk.
03 Place the jar into the milk, ensuring the jar is completely coverd.
04 Put the jar carefully in a warm place for six days. During this time the rotten chicken will slowly expand, and the milk will turn green/grey.
05. Place the jar in a hidden corner near Camden Town tube station. Leave the area immediately, the jar will crack at any moment, spreading a harmless foul stench into the air, causing the public to evacuate the surrounding area. If you have prepared a gasmask you can now wander around Camden Town freely on your own.

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