Message 324: Sayings, Part 2

Sayings. More:

  • ate me up for breakfast
  • judge, jury and executioner
  • skinned alive
  • put me in a home
  • freaking out
  • deaf, dumb and blind
  • spinning plates
  • feed me to the lions
  • bearing down on me
  • made for life
  • a total waste of time
  • killing time
  • what am I to do?
  • what are we coming to?
  • where do we go from here?
  • running away to the foreign legion
  • feeling pulled apart by horses
  • blow into a paperbag
  • get off my case
  • the best you can is good enough
  • i’m on a roll
  • wash all over me
  • like everything is fine
  • sorry is not good enough

Sayings are stopgaps.

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