Message 328: “that a deal was reached??”

While you make pretty speeches I’m being cut to shreds.

Excerpt from Dead Air Space:

if you read in tommorrows headlines that a deal was reached?? remember it was nothing like what was needed and was filed by a bored complicit press who needed to show something for two weeks of crap.. and that it reflected the wests inability to lead decisively.

A headline from BBC News, on the site’s front page (as of Dec 19 4:45am Pacific):

UN welcomes climate summit deal

Saying a deal is “welcome” does not mean a deal was made, as the article makes clear. A quote from Ban Ki-moon:

We must transform this into a legally binding treaty next year.

In article:

The accord sets no goal for concluding a binding international treaty, which leaves the implementation of its provisions uncertain. It is likely to undergo many months, perhaps years, of additional negotiations before it emerges in any internationally enforceable form.

An image from Dead Air Space:

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