Message 35: Bull

The minotaur icon (see Message 30 below) haunting the new Capitol Records website is vaguely similar to the Merrill Lynch line-drawn bull. The bull-head, then, of the Amnesiac minotaur, like the ML bull, may connect with the phrase bull-market. Again, the OED is instructive:

bull, n.1 Add: [IV.] [11.] bull market Stock Exchange, a market characterized by the rising price of stock, etc. 1891 Century Mag. Jan. 426 No office of its size in the Street made so much money for its customers in a *bull market. 1931 F. L. ALLEN Only Yesterday xii. 301 No aspect of the campaign was more interesting than the extent to which it reflected the obsession of the American people with bull-market prosperity. 1986 What Investment July 15/3 If historical precedent is followed, the present bull market will end by the next general election.

The ML logo was interestingly problematic in Japan: “The combination and clash of the two cultures is working both ways in terms of adapting to the nuances of Japanese culture. The companyís global logo, which features a bull on a grid, was initially perceived by some in the Japanese public to be that of a butcher shop showing barbecue on a grill.”

A crying minotaur: a sluggish market? One that would need to go hunting for bears. Bear markets. Tra la la la.

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