Message 58: out takes, left overs, works in progress

On July 14, 2001 of this year I interviewed Chris Bran briefly over email. Responding to a question regarding the Amnesiac antivideos (see Message 42), Bran wrote “all the videos on the updated are just out takes, left overs, works in progress. they were all created for the current radiohead project I am doing. we just decided to put these online and try to build up a gallery of video ideas.” When asked specifically why a majority of the shorts do not use music, Bran responded with reference to an earlier response, “as i said these are all works in progress, unfinished ideas or out takes.” The last comment Bran added was, “check out in the next few weeks.” What was to come was the release of “I Might Be Wrong,” an internet only video created entirely on a Powerbook.

What, then, happens to our understanding of the antivideos without sound? In retrospect, they become a form of waste.

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