Message 71: Tchock

One of Thom Yorke’s pseudonyms is Tchock. While the name seems relatively nonsensical, it may be related to the musician Tchok who produced an album titled Kinetik (a name that recalls the Radiohead b-side “Kinetic”).

Less likely alternatives: Tchok is the Russian word for old copper or zinc coins of Manchuria and Indochina. Tchok also means indigo plant in Korean.

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Chocky is a novel by John Whyndam. it involves the story of a young boy who has been ‘possessed’ by an alien of some sorts. The alien, who belongs to a greatly superior race, points out to the boy variouse things that are wrongs with out civilisation such as out inapt calender system.

Many other novels by whyndam such as ‘the crystalids’ and the popular ‘the day of the triffids’ exhibit quite radiohead-ish themes.

the little price.

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