Message 92: Radiohead Dictionary Revision

The following information is excerpted from an email Rhys Davies sent to me in February 2003: “the original author of the ‘Radiohead Dictionary’ was Onn-Jian Lim (he preferred OJ Lim).”

The dictionary was originally created in c. 1997-98 and hosted on OJ Lim’s Another Useless Radiohead Site, which is now defunct. Rhys Davies added: “OJ frequented a number of Radiohead mailing lists and this ‘dictionary’ was compiled with a some help from others on those lists.”

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I’ve no comments but I want to say to you that your website is not bad, it’s different than another and I really like it, hope you’re ok, wish you could continue like this Jo(can I call you jo?), see you mighty warrior……….

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